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What are two reasons why a datastore in a Storage DRS cluster cannot enter maintenance mode? (Choose two.)

A. Storage latency is too high to allow Storage DRS initiate Storage vMotion.
B. Storage DRS is configured for a VMFS3 datastore.
C. Storage DRS is disabled on the virtual disk.
D. Rules prevent Storage DRS from making migration recommendations.

Answer: C,D

A vSphere content library administrator is attempting to unpublish the content library, but the option is grayed out as shown in the Exhibit.

Which statement identifies the reason for not being able to unpublish?

A. The content library is optimized for syncing over HTTP.
B. A synchronization operation is in progress with this content library.
C. There are active subscriptions on this content library.
D. Underlying storage for this content library is not accessible.

Answer: D

Since the underlying storage is not accessible for this content library, the option will be greyed out because the storage is unavailable.

What two methods are used to configure VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control shares and limits? (Choose two.)

A. Assign shares and limits to VM virtual disks.
B. Assign shares and limits to datastores.
C. Assign shares and limits to Storage DRS clusters.
D. Assign shares and limits using VM storage policies.

Answer: A,D

Assuming a mirrored (RAID-1) object configuration, how many hosts must contribute storage in a non-stretched VMware vSAN cluster to satisfy the “Number of failures to tolerate” policy option?

“n” is the desired “Number of failures to tolerate” value for all options.

A. 2n+2
B. 2n
C. 2n+1
D. 3n

Answer: C

If fault domains are configured, 2n+1 fault domains with hosts contributing capacity are required. A host, which is not part of any fault domain is considered its own single-host fault domain

An administrator must change the statistics level for short-term performance monitoring and wants to collect metrics for all counters, excluding minimum and maximum rollup values.

What would be the statistics level?

A. Level 3
B. Level 1
C. Level 2
D. Level 4

Answer: A

In a vSphere environment, two resource pools are created as shown in the Exhibit.

Each VM is configured with 1 GB of memory. When the administrator tried to power on VM3, the operation failed.

What action in the resource pool settings will allow VM3 to power on successfully?

A. Deselect Expandable Memory Reservation
B. Increase Memory Reservation
C. Deselect Expandable CPU Reservation
D. Increase the CPU Reservation

Answer: B

VM3 doesnt have sufficient memory to power. So in resource pool settings, increase CPU reservation of VM3 and it will power up.

ESXi 6.5 introduces VMFS6, which supports both 512e and 512n devices.

What three configurations are supported when using these devices? (Choose three.)

A. Hosts with both 512e and 512n devices.
B. Storage vMotion between both 512e and 512n devices.
C. Datastore Extents spanned between both 512e and 512n devices.
D. Storage DRS clusters containing only both 512e and 512n devices.

Answer: A,B,D

VMFS can host both 512e and 512n devices. It also supports storage vMotion between 512e and 512n devices. In addition to that DRS clusters can contain both 512e and 512n devices at the same time.

Which network is used by vSphere HA when VMware vSAN is enabled?

A. Management network
B. vSphere Replication network
C. vMotion network
D. VSAN network

Answer: B

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[Feb-2018 Dumps]Valid 1z0-071 VCE and PDF Exam Questions


Free Valid 1z0-071 Exam Questions

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You issue the following command to drop the PRODUCTS table:
SQL>DROP TABLE products;

What is the implication of this command? (Choose all that apply.)

A. All data in the table are deleted but the table structure will remain
B. All data along with the table structure is deleted
C. All views and synonyms will remain but they are invalidated
D. The pending transaction in the session is committed
E. All indexes on the table will remain but they are invalidated

Answer: B,C,D

You execute the following commands:

For which substitution variables are you prompted for the input?
A. None, because no input required
B. Both the substitution variables 'hiredate' and 'mgr_id
C. Only 'hiredate'
D. Only 'mgr_id'

Answer: B

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables.
ORDER__ID is the primary key in the ORDERS table. It is also the foreign key in the ORDER_ITEMS table wherein it is created with the ON DELETE CASCADE option.

Which DELETE statement would execute successfully?

A. DELETE order_id FROM orders WHERE order_total < 1000;

B. DELETE orders WHERE order_total < 1000;

C. DELETE FROM orders WHERE (SELECT order_id FROM order_items);

D. DELETE orders o, order_items i WHERE o.order id = i.order id;

Answer: B

See the Exhibit and Examine the structure of the CUSTOMERS table:

Using the CUSTOMERS table, you need to generate a report that shows an increase in the credit limit by 15% for all customers. Customers whose credit limit has not been entered should have the message "Not Available" displayed.

Which SQL statement would produce the required result?

A. SELECT NVL(cust_credit_limit,'Not Available')*.15 "NEW CREDIT" FROM customers;
B. SELECT NVL(cust_credit_limit*.15,'Not Available') "NEW CREDIT" FROM customers;
C. SELECT TO_CHAR(NVL(cust_credit_limit*.15,'Not Available')) "NEW CREDIT" FROM customers;
D. SELECT NVL(TO_CHAR(cust_credit_limit*.15),'Not Available') "NEW CREDIT" FROM customers;

Answer: D
NVL Function
Converts a null value to an actual value:
Data types that can be used are date, character, and number.
Data types must match:
– NVL(commission_pct,0)
– NVL(hire_date,'01-JAN-97')
– NVL(job_id,'No Job Yet')

See the Exhibit and examine the structure of the PROMOTIONS table:

Using the PROMOTIONS table, you need to find out the average cost for all promos in the range $0-2000 and $2000-5000 in category A.

You issue the following SQL statements:

What would be the outcome?

A. It generates an error because multiple conditions cannot be specified for the WHEN clause
B. It executes successfully and gives the required result
C. It generates an error because CASE cannot be used with group functions
D. It generates an error because NULL cannot be specified as a return value

Answer: B
CASE Expression
Facilitates conditional inquiries by doing the work of an
IF-THEN-ELSE statement:
CASE expr WHEN comparison_expr1 THEN return_expr1
[WHEN comparison_expr2 THEN return_expr2
WHEN comparison_exprn THEN return_exprn
ELSE else_expr]

Evaluate the following two queries:

Which statement is true regarding the above two queries?
A. Performance would improve query 2 only if there are null values in the CUST__CREDIT__LIMIT column.
B. There would be no change in performance.
C. Performance would degrade in query 2.
D. Performance would improve in query 2.

Answer: B

Examine the business rule:
Each student can take up multiple projects and each project can have multiple students.
You need to design an Entity Relationship Model (ERD) for optimal data storage and allow for generating reports in this format:

Which two statements are true in this scenario?

A. The ERD must have a 1:M relationship between the students and projects entitles.
B. The ERD must have a M:M relationship between the students and projects entities that must be resolved into 1:M relationships.
C. STUDENT_ID must be the primary key in the STUDENTS entity and foreign key in the projects entity.
D. PROJECT_ID must be the primary key in the projects entity and foreign key in the STUDENTS entity.
E. An associative table must be created with a composite key of STUDENT_ID and PROJECT_ID; which is the foreign key linked to the STUDENTS and PROJECTS entities.

Answer: DE

View the Exhibit and examine the details of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION table.

You have the requirement to display PRODUCT_NAME and LIST_PRICE from the table where the CATEGORYJD column has values 12 or 13, and the SUPPLIER_ID column has the value 102088. You executed the following SQL statement:

SELECT product_name, list_price
FROM product_information
WHERE (category_id = 12 AND category_id = 13) AND supplier_id = 102088;

Which statement is true regarding the execution of the query?

A. It would execute but the output would return no rows.
B. It would execute and the output would display the desired result.
C. It would not execute because the entire WHERE clause condition is not enclosed within the parentheses.
D. It would not execute because the same column has been used in both sides of the AND logical operator to form the condition.

Answer: A

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